Best Techniques For Winterizing Your Water Pipes
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Best Techniques For Winterizing Your Water Pipes

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work one freezing cold evening and found water flooding my basement. I ran to turn off the water and then I called the plumber. Even though it was late in the evening, the plumber immediately came to my house and fixed the busted water line. The plumber told me that I could have prevented my water line from freezing and busting if I had winterized the pipes. After researching various methods, I insulated the pipes so they won't freeze again. My name is Joel Hampton and this blog is about the different ways to winterize your plumbing pipes to keep them from freezing. Coming home to a basement filled with water is a nightmare and I hope that after reading the information in my blog, it won't happen to you.


Best Techniques For Winterizing Your Water Pipes

Prepping Your Plumbing For A Summer Vacation

Carla Taylor

Summer is synonymous with vacations for many people. While leaving your home to explore a new area for a few weeks might be relaxing, coming home to a plumbing disaster can quickly negate any fun you may have on a vacation. If you are planning to get away this summer, here are three things that you can do to avoid a potential plumbing disaster while you are gone.

1. Use appliance shut-off valves.

Water leaks can cause significant damage to the structure of your home. If you don't want to worry about the possibility of your plumbing appliances springing a leak while you are gone on vacation this summer, it can be helpful to use the shut-off valves located on each appliance.

Eliminating your toilets, sinks, and other fixtures from accessing water by activating the shut-off valve will minimize the amount of damage these fixtures can cause if they spring a leak.

2. Turn off your hot water heater.

If you want to prevent a potential plumbing disaster and save some money in the meantime, you might want to consider turning off your hot water heater while you are away on vacation. The heating element inside your water heater that is responsible for keeping the water in the tank warm can sustain serious damage if it operates while there is no water in the tank.

In the event that your hot water heater springs a leak while you are away on vacation and the tank completely empties, having the heating element turned off ensures that you won't have to replace this component when you return from your vacation.

3. Check your sump pump.

If your home is equipped with a sump pump to help guard against water damage, it can be beneficial to check this pump's functionality before you leave on a long summer vacation. The sump pump will be responsible for quickly removing any water caused by a burst pipe or significant leak, so proper performance of the pump is essential when it comes to protecting your home.

Try pouring some water directly into the sump pit. If the pump doesn't immediately turn on, you will need to contact a plumbing professional like those found at Walt's Plumbing to repair it before leaving for your vacation.

Taking the time to shut off the water supply to major appliances, turn off your water heater, and check your sump pump before leaving on vacation will reduce the likelihood that your home will sustain any plumbing damage while you are away.