Best Techniques For Winterizing Your Water Pipes
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Best Techniques For Winterizing Your Water Pipes

Imagine my surprise when I came home from work one freezing cold evening and found water flooding my basement. I ran to turn off the water and then I called the plumber. Even though it was late in the evening, the plumber immediately came to my house and fixed the busted water line. The plumber told me that I could have prevented my water line from freezing and busting if I had winterized the pipes. After researching various methods, I insulated the pipes so they won't freeze again. My name is Joel Hampton and this blog is about the different ways to winterize your plumbing pipes to keep them from freezing. Coming home to a basement filled with water is a nightmare and I hope that after reading the information in my blog, it won't happen to you.


Best Techniques For Winterizing Your Water Pipes

Ewww — Your Bathroom Smells Like An Outhouse

Carla Taylor

When your bathroom smells more like an outhouse than it does a bathroom in a house, there is a problem. What could be causing your bathroom to smell so bad? Below, you will find a few things that could be causing your bathroom to smell dreadful.  

Cracked Wax Seal

Hidden under your toilet is a wax ring that seals the drain pipe to the base of the toilet. This seal will eventually dry and crack allowing the gasses and smells from the sewer pipe to seep into your bathroom. This seal is replaceable with a little work and very little money. You will have to drain your toilet, purchase a new seal, lift and move the toilet, replace the ring and set the toilet back in place. 

Clogged Pipes

Hair, skin particles, soap, oil and body washing products can all cause the drains to clog in your bathroom. When this happens, the drains don't function as they should. Try cleaning the drains using a drain-cleaning brush followed with a little vinegar and baking soda dumped down the drain. This should clear up any minor clogs and allow the water to flow as it should putting a stop to the bad odors in your bathroom.

Dry Pipe Traps

When pipe traps dry up, the smells from within the sewer system can leak into the home. If the bathroom isn't used often or you have a drain pipe in the floor, the smell could be caused by the trap water drying out. This is a super easy fix – just pour some water down the drains. If this is the cause of your odor problem, you just fixed it in a matter of a few minutes.

Damaged Pipes

If the pipes in your walls or floor are damaged, the water that is supposed to flow through them will leak and become absorbed into the building materials. When it is a drain pipe that is broken, dirty water fills the walls and flooring of the home and will begin to smell relatively quickly. Take some time to inspect the bathroom for signs of leaking pipes. If you cannot find any evidence of a leak and nothing else has helped solve the smelly issue you are having, contact a plumber for assistance.

If you are unable to complete these tests and plumbing repairs on your own, your local plumber can help you identify and correct the problem so that your bathroom smells like an in-house, not an outhouse.